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Two Hearts As One

Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers give from the heart by providing a hug in every bowl. Now you can give the gift of a beautiful sterling silver hand-crafted heart to a woman in crisis, to let them know you stand with them against family violence and domestic abuse.

This one-of-a-kind artisan heart is rich in symbolism, shared energy and solidarity. Your purchase of a Soup Sisters Heart will help to keep the 'soup flowing' to women and children in crisis across the country.

One heart will be shipped directly to you, and the other to someone in one of our recipient shelters. Most often women and children are provided a three week stay in an emergency shelter before transitioning to a second stage shelter and sometimes back home. They are provided a few essential items as they leave the shelter - often our Soup Sisters soup is part of that provision. The jewelry hearts that are given to the shelters will be given to women in transition as a symbol of hope as they move on in their lives.

Each hand-made heart is accompanied with a personal note on hand-made paper with words of encouragement for a renewed strength and a whole heart.

1 1/2 - 2 inch one of a kind hand created artisan .999 fine silver heart with 18 inch Sterling silver chain

Have one - give one $220.00 Buy Now

$136 for single hearts to be sent anonymously to a recipient in a shelter in your city, or shipped to you to give to someone special. Buy Now

Note: As an option, can we suggest you gift your heart to someone you care about who has faced adversity or is in immediate crisis? Your shared strength and energy will fortify your futures and ease the past.

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Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers is operating 30 events in 22 cities across Canada and the US every month. Hundreds of community people are coming together across the country each month to produce over 10,000 servings of home-made, nurturing and nourishing soups for women, children and youth in crisis.

Since March 2009, Soup Sisters has delivered over half a million containers of soup to over 30 shelter recipients and there is a growing network of more than 25,000 Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers participants.

Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers is a social purpose enterprise dedicated to providing comfort through the making, sharing and donating of soup.